The Bruno is a hand stitched crossbody bag, made of beautiful leather from Italy.
The bag is spacious, offers enough room for your most important belongings and will keep your hands free. It is an ideal every day companion, perfect for traveling and will gain a beautiful patina with time and use.
The Bruno is the equipment for the sophisticated wanderlust adventurer, from city to mountain.

Good to know:
Full aniline leather is a very high quality leather end-product. It is made from top most part of the hide that has been dyed using only soluble dyes. In order to make full aniline leather, the animal’s hide is placed in a large drum that contains the aniline dyes.
Aniline dye is a very specific type of dye that does not contain any pigment, or coloring. This means that the dye preserves the natural grain, marking, scars, and wrinkles that are present in the hide without coloring it at all. In addition, during this process, the leather dose not usually obtain an uniform color, because the hide absorbs the dye at different rates. Even though there is no pigment in the dye, the oils that the aniline is mixed with still change the color slightly. This process keeps the natural character of the leather, and makes full aniline leather one of the most sought after types of leather.

Additional information

blue, girasole, olive

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