The Heidschnucke is a very rare old german sheep breed, originally raised in the heath of Northern Germany.
It is a wild sheep, that is descended from the mouflon. The Heidschnucke is born with black fur and then develops a grey, brown or white fur.
As the hair of the sheep is rather thick, it is not suitable for wool production.
The sheep are free grazing and help to preserve protected nature reserves.
The furs come from the shepherd Marcel Tietze (Please check the stories for more information) in southern Germany
and they are tanned in a family owned tannery in the black forest.
As the fur has the natural color, each of them is a unique piece.
Once we receive the skins, we brush the fur by hand to straighten the hair and remove any remaining straw.
It is a natural, local product, which is a beautiful addition for your home and will keep you warm and comfortable in summer and winter.

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