Made to Measure Suits for Women

" A handmade suit is an investment. It is time, to invest in yourself.

Designed in Berlin, handmade by skilled artisans in Italy.  The epitome of slow luxury.
We think that the future of fashion is something, that we did already in the past:
Making high quality tailored clothing for YOU.
Let us introduce you to the world of classical tailoring, long known only as a service for men.

It is time for a change.

A tailored suit is empowering, it gives you ease and confidence and you express your personal style.
And the future of fashion is about style, not fashion.
We help you to work on your permanent and elegant wardrobe and you will experience the excitement of tailoring.
An MTM suit is an investment. It is time, to invest in yourself.

The Mission

We want to free women from the pressure of seasonal trends, bad fitting ready to wear and the dictate of sizes.
That´s why we offer a service to build a permanent wardrobe with pieces, that last for years to come and let you be you.

The Vision
We want women to feel confident and powerful. Opening the world of traditional Made to Measure clothing to women is the ultimate
step for an equal society, that grows on the base of values.
We combine Heritage and Zeitgeist for the best experience, that fashion has to offer.


Producing long lasting, timeless pieces, that are made by order reduces the impact of seasonal overproduction.
We have chosen the tradition of craftsmanship and natural high-quality materials,
which are processed in compliance with ethical and sustainable guidelines in Europe, creating a product with value.


We offer suits and coats as well as separates like pants, vests and shirts.
Our handbag-line accomplishes the look. Jackets are available in single-breasted and double-breasted style,
our trousers are straight-legged, cigarette-shaped, flared or wide. We have our house styles available as fitting-try-on´s
to help you decide,  which style works best for you. Once you decide on the model, we start choosing the fabric from
our numerous swatch books from the best Italian and British mills.
Finally, we take all the necessary measurements and define optional changes like lapel width,
pockets and length to create a unique garment exactly to your specifications.
The order is sent to the manufactory in Italy and approx. 6-8 weeks later we have the second fitting,
where small adjustments can still be made. From office to black tie, from wedding to party, from running errands to having coffee with a friend:

We´ve got you covered.