AGNES NORDENHOLZ is a slow luxury label founded 2015 in Berlin.
The german born Agnes Schorer is the creative mind behind AGNES NORDENHOLZ.
The intention of AGNES NORDENHOLZ is to produce soulful products, that last for a long time, combining high craftsmanship with intriguing design. Products you will love and therefore keep them for a long time.
The brand stands for forwardthinking yet understated collections and is known for it´s unique handbags, combining leather, loden and fur.
The tradition of high craftsmanship and the choice of finest materials
is accomplishing the design to offer `european luxury now´.

My name is Agnes, and I’m the founder and designer of Agnes Nordenholz.
Born and raised in Tübingen, Germany, I headed to Vienna to become a trained dressmaker and to study fashion design at the University of applied arts in Vienna. under Marc Bohan, Helmut Lang and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
After 14 years as a co-founder and designer of the label Hartmann Nordenholz, I moved to Berlin to go `back to the roots´ and to continue my work under the name AGNES NORDENHOLZ, Nordenholz being the maiden name of my dear grandmother. One of my greatgrandfathers was born in Berlin. He worked as a merchant in the woolbusiness for one of the biggest European woolcompanies. Another one was a leather tanner and later on trader for leather goods.
My mother and grandmother always talked a lot about them and I loved to imagine their lives and work.
It seems natural, that my favorite materials are wool, leather and lambskin and that the sheep is in the center of my attention:
Since centuries it offers the most natural and perfect materials and is the best choice for clothing that has a minimal impact on the environment.

`Grey Friend & The Hunter´are the first styles of the slow-luxury accessories-line of AGNES NORDENHOLZ.
It combines tradition, quality and craftsmanship. The fur comes from the `Heidschnucke of Lüneburger Heath´, a free-grazing sheeprace from northern Germany. While growing up the sheep develop the typical grey fur. Each piece is therefor unique through the natural variation of colouring.
The Lüneburger heath is a historic cultural landscape and protected nature reserve, that helps to maintain a high biodiversity. Since centuries the Heidschnucke helps to keep the heath clear through grazing and is therefor important to maintain the cultural heritage and the eco system of the heath. The farmers from Lüneburger heath represent a traditional and sustainable small-scale industry.
The Heidschnucke offers a 100% biological meat and is appreciated by modern slowfood kitchen for its healthy lowfat quality and delicious taste. Today there are not many herds of sheep remaining.

I want to support the breeding of the Heidschnucke through the development of a 100% natural accessories range made out of the beautiful unique sheepfur and raise awareness for the necessity of a sustainable, slow farming and protection of our eco system, that needs a rich biodiversity.

`Grey Friend´ is combined with one of the most traditional Austrian Loden fabrics:
The `Schladminger Loden´ made of 100% Wool.
`The Hunter´, inspired by traditional hunting bags, is a combination of vegetable tanned leather and fur of the german Heidschnucke and is produced in Germany by a traditional hunting-bag manufacturer.
The closure is the signature solid brass turn lock, that gives the bag a `face´.

The Remnant Project

Tote bag with leather stripes

Choose Nature

Grey Friends

Making of

Artisanal – Making of